Wednesday, July 23, 2014

after a few month away from this webpage.

Assalamualaikum guys! Its been a while since i wrote something here. Just wanna seek dua from you guys. Hehe since currently we still have few days before Ramdhan is over 😢 dont forget to do charities as many as you can, keep on praying for our relatives in Palestine, inded they are true heroes.

Oh and not to forget, if you ever feel yourself stuck in the middle of the sea? Haha well not actually 'the sea' i mean problems and whatsoever,  wanna know a secret on how to handle them? Just take that noble Al quran, speak to Allah or trust in your heart that He will help you. Because no matter how hard your live is. He will help you. Then you open up Al quran randomly. And the first line that you could read is always the line that would make you at ease. Alhamdulillah this thing usually work for me. Oh of course i cant understang arabic so i read the translation part. Hehe

But mashaAllah! After i manage to understand the meaning of the Al quran, it is actually as a solution to my problems. That's how you know how generous Allah acts towards you. 😊

I guess this is what i want to share in this moment. oh for some of you guys who are wondering where i am now? I'm doing my Alevel at kolej teknologi timur in Sepang for 1 and a half years.  And inshaAllah i will further my degree in dentistry at India. So i hope you guys could pray for me and my friends in our future and become a better muslim. Ameen may He guide us to the right path until the end of our life. Ameen

Ps:/meet the two sugar gliders down there. joget and uncut