Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ramadhan kareem

alhamdulillah for His blessing during this Ramadan. i have loads to thank for and recently every little things that happened around me just hit this one quote and it goes like this "Allah will put things at the right place, it just need a little patience and a lot of faith" 

sometimes what is happening at the present just don't make any sense for us because at that point we still don't see the reason behind it yet, but trusting in Him is the best thing one could do. subhanallah reflects your life, look how just amazing He had arranged it for you. different people will have different live but still it is because of His willingness for those things to happen! 

be grateful in every little thing because one day you will realise that those thing is actually the big thing :)

p/s: inshaAllah i will further my studies in bachelor of dental surgery in joss dental college mysore, India. will depart there by the end of July 2016. do pray for my safety and may Allah ease my journey there like He always did :)