Tuesday, December 30, 2014

be my witnesses

Bismillahirahmanirahim, hereby i declare that Allah is one and Rasulullah s.a.w is His messenger .

Dear sisters and brothers to whoever read this, please be my witnesses in the day of judgement later on, i want to make a confession to my dear beloved Muslim relatives out there

Subhanallah my gorgeous sisters, you have such a beauty that Allah had given to you as a blessing and internal confidence in you so that you can live your life happily, mashaAllah sisters, cover up what needs to be covered. Lower down ur hijab..
 Loosen up your clothes, no more skinny jeans, dont show the shape of ur legs to those who r not your mahram. Control your conversation with guys, dont raise your voice in melodies in front of guys, recite al-Quran at least a sentence each days.. respect your parents and love them more than anyone else until you have been married.

Dear brothers, cover up your aurat too. MashaAllah your aurat is much easier to handle compare to the women's. There must be a reason for that as Allah knows everything. Take care of your parents. Get yourself closer to Allah in your live.. take care of your sight. Take care of your words. Stop cursing people but instead say good things to others as you might get them back in return. Be nice to women, dont treat them as slaves.

Ya Allah. I have done my parts, forgive me ya Allah if there's less in these. Ya Allah strengthen our iman infinitely. Ya Allah i know as i've been counting each days for me to grown up and achieving my dreams, i realize something even more precious which is the day for me to return back to You. Ya Allah i know for sure this day will come.
  Im not good in words but this is the least i could do.

Wamahyaya wamamati lillahirabbilalamin
And from the day i lived until the day i die, all because of Allah s.w.t

Saturday, December 27, 2014

with every broken bones, i swear i lived.. inshaAllah

Have you ever wonder around yourself things that you want to do something in your life but you start to doubt yourself  that you cant do those things, it starts to feel impossible for you... have you?

You ever heard about yolo? It means you only live once, yeah it's true. But my point here is not this. When you start to jinx everything than you will encourage yourself to not fully depend your whole life to Allah. It is clearly being stated that "if Allah wills it than it will happen tho" so by having a strong faith in Him you need to believe in yourself,

In every pain that you will go trough all these it's because of His own willingness to let it happens. And if it happens He had arranged thousands of reasons for you to smile later, and you will feel relieve about it... firm your faith in Him. Start to think that you can do this even at your lowest confidence..

As He is your protector so be confidence in Him.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

my forever happiness

I make mistakes, in fact i do sins a lot, sometimes i realize them, while sometimes i dont.. MashaAllah, but then i also knew that i must repent to Him. But then it keeps on repeating the same cycle again and again. Ya Allah, what will happen to me without His endless blessing and His wide open door of forgiveness.
 There's time when i want something soo bad like good grades. Then i start to pray hard, when i did achieve my targets, i forgot that it was His blessing to me
Ya Allah, straighten my iman to you Allah, i love You and Your words for me through the Quran
I just miss how i could cry like crazy to You and knowing that You're listening to my du as. Ya Allah i want my Quran to be my knight and armor when i  enter my grave one day... Ya Allah, i know you heard every 'Ya Allah' murmured from my mouth, i know You see my tears shed for You and Ya Allah...... forgive me.

For You can turn my tears and doubts into internal bliss

Saturday, October 25, 2014

a level

If they could survive in a level. InshaAllah i can. Ya Allah, You're my eternity strength
 Help me ya Allah. Ameen

Please pray for me and my friends for our journey in a level..

Friday, October 24, 2014

this feeling

Have you ever feel so dizzy that every work you're trying to focus on gets harder. U just feel the pain in your head. It strokes you like a very bright light passing through your eyes and the brightness is not as a light to guide you, but as a sense of pain that you wish to go away.

But through that pain you gain your strength, you know you cant stop but to keep your head in the game. Chilling out for a while and set the determination in you to continue the work later.. not procrastinating them, just give yourself time to relax and think about the world, your future, which you wont have any idea how its gonna be, but it's already written. Hoping for your end to be the best because that's what you've been struggling for ur whole life for........

Salam maal hijrah everyone, its a new year Alhamdulillah, may this year help us to gain our iman even more and get us even closer to our Love, Allah s.w.t and Muhammad s.a.w

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

greeting from the most annoying person ever

hey readers, how r u guys doin?
have a nice day, and all those hardship shall be gone by tomorrow ;)
sincerely- idzni-

Sunday, October 12, 2014

that smile

My thought flew away in the future, oh Allah how I'm gonna miss to see those smiles again, those laughs.. I know I will miss every moment with them
 Ya Allah I don't have to say this, cause my mind said them first, please Ya Allah let me meet them again one day
 If not here
 Hereafter would be a blessing. Ya Allah please let me make them happy and proud of me again one day
 To my lovers, abah mama along angah
I couldn't ask for more cause I'm truly grateful for the times I spend with them

I don't dare to ask for extension of times with them, but I hope for precious time and blessing moments with them even more
Because no one could ever love me the way they do

Alhamdulillah. I love u Allah for letting me to have them ❤❤❤

Friday, October 10, 2014

love in wonder dream

Wondering till the day come, will i can handle it well? I dont know, well what i know is im afraid of that day. Im afraid that im not well prepared for that day. Laying on this couch, asking myself i know this pleasure will end sooner or later, it just will. Ya Allah, if my time to meet You is closer, make my last days in this temporary stop just for You, make my last daysto see you is the best day in my entire life. Indeed imma sinner, but thanks Allah for grant me with blessing and love. That's more than i could ever give to myself. Thanks ya Allah for standing closer to me than anyone else, thanks for the strength when i barely get one.

Ohhhh how i love You for everything happens in my life, every little things. I know You're watching me now Dear Love, Allahummasallialamuhammad.. peace be uponhim.

If i dont wake up for my tomorrow, please dont forget to pray for me dear readers. Ameen.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

i love it how..

       I love it how my whole life depends on You, 
I love it when im feeling down, i know i cant give up as You said so,
I love it when i cried for You, at night realizing my weakness and how i need Your attention so bad,
I love it when i perform tahajud thinking that You're there with me to hear my problems, while everyone else is sleeping
I love it how You said that You are near with me,
I love it when my surrounding reminds me of You ,
I love it when i couldn't say even a word but my tears start to shade and knowing that You already understand me,
I love it when i recite the Quran, i found the lines in it and i feel like You're talking to me,
I love it when im alone
, i know You are with me, just love this
I love it when i know You will never say no to my prayer
I love it when You're the the reason for me not to give up.

Everytime i feel despair i just feeling so down, the cause for this is sometimes i dont get what i want, things that i want, not achieved great results in examination , cant achieved my dreams. But i am wrong, i am completely wrong, i achieved those things, but it's either even better or in the future. And i hate myself for not tawakal to Allah. 

The power of tawakal is just amazing, when you rely all your fate to Allah, not on your own hardship its just great. 

Ya Allah........ i ❤ U
Thnx for reading this 😊

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Funny little thing called feeling, you can have almost infinity amount of friends but the right one will touch your heart deeper, if this what they call love, please keep mine in a treasure under the deep down ocean, let Allah keeps it for me. Ya Allah take care of my heart until the right one coming to approach. Because most of us want to have a fairy tale story but i want to have a dream of having the right person becomes reality. InshaAllah.

Subhanallah love towards Allah is the best: )

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

after a few month away from this webpage.

Assalamualaikum guys! Its been a while since i wrote something here. Just wanna seek dua from you guys. Hehe since currently we still have few days before Ramdhan is over 😢 dont forget to do charities as many as you can, keep on praying for our relatives in Palestine, inded they are true heroes.

Oh and not to forget, if you ever feel yourself stuck in the middle of the sea? Haha well not actually 'the sea' i mean problems and whatsoever,  wanna know a secret on how to handle them? Just take that noble Al quran, speak to Allah or trust in your heart that He will help you. Because no matter how hard your live is. He will help you. Then you open up Al quran randomly. And the first line that you could read is always the line that would make you at ease. Alhamdulillah this thing usually work for me. Oh of course i cant understang arabic so i read the translation part. Hehe

But mashaAllah! After i manage to understand the meaning of the Al quran, it is actually as a solution to my problems. That's how you know how generous Allah acts towards you. 😊

I guess this is what i want to share in this moment. oh for some of you guys who are wondering where i am now? I'm doing my Alevel at kolej teknologi timur in Sepang for 1 and a half years.  And inshaAllah i will further my degree in dentistry at India. So i hope you guys could pray for me and my friends in our future and become a better muslim. Ameen may He guide us to the right path until the end of our life. Ameen

Ps:/meet the two sugar gliders down there. joget and uncut

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

just dont....

live your life not to satisfy others..
if someone judges you on your appearance, your behavior and every inches of you, you don't really have to satisfy them.
if you think you're doing good enough just stay as that person and don't think about other people.
and this you will know which person who will accept you just the way you are and who will leave you..
sometimes all you need is that little confidence in yourself and nothing else really matter.

Monday, March 10, 2014

oh Allah, let us stay together here and after. ameen

once, you guys told me to look for those white hair and cut them off from your heads.. and that time i thought that money was everything, so you guys paid me for each white hair i managed to cut off from your heads to appreciate my hardwork on finding those hair... that was me,12 or maybe 11 years old , your little daughter.. but now, i'm almost 18. and you guys never told me to do that again...... sometimes i looked at your heads, i could see the white hair clearly.... by that time, i realized that you guys were getting much older than before...

and until now i questioned myself whether i have done something for you guys, am i a good daughter? sometimes i always seek for you guys permission so that i could hangout with my friends... but you guys always said 'no'.. sometimes i quite angry with you guys, but then i think again.. why i should be angry for the people who had put on so much effort to protect me? how stupid am i...... i know that you guys are tired with your works in the offices and even at home.. but i heard nothing from you guys.....while i always keep on complaining about my life at the college and keep on asking things that make you guys feeling not at ease...i am sorry 

when there are secrets between your daughters, you guys always asked what is it about? but sometimes we just said 'nothing' i guest you guys must feeling concern about us, and want us to share our problems with you guys.. but we just thought that you guys might won't understand...but we were wrong....

currently, i am staying in the university, i just noticed that everyday in my life, every single time i just want to see you guys..because i know that one day that time will come.. that particular time when you guys won't be here with me..but i know that in the world after, i will always keep on praying to God that abah,mama,along  angah and adik will be united in the world after where happiness is forever...i'm sorry that i couldn't make you guys hear this "adik syg abah,mama" i'm sorry...

tgk abah msak kt kami, abah btolkn alatn, abh n mama psg aircond kt blik kami, abah pgi keja mlm2 adik rekod abah baca Al-Quran, everyday i will listen to them, i don't want any other person to recite the Al-Quran for me rather than you...thnk you so much abah :')
tgk mama kemas smue bnde kt rumah. blek kerja bsoh bju, all the chores,  mama blek keja time maghrib, still you can put a smile on your beautiful face, thnk you so much mama :')
sincerely, from the very bottom of my heart, when mouth can't speak this, hand will type this 10/3 9:35pm

Friday, January 31, 2014

most people don't want to read a very long post. but can you describe islam in a short one? even a book won't be enough

what is a creator? a creator is when He created something and try His best to make their creation to be something good..

try to imagine if you manage to create a doll.. with perfect structure and could do many things with it.. of course you want to take care of it and would not want anybody to destroy it. so you put clothes on the doll so that the doll won't get dirty. you place the doll in a good place so that you could see the doll everyday...

that is Allah. but He did even more than the example i just stated.. ya Allah there's just nooo perfection rather than Him. there's just no simply creator other than Him. there's always love in every action that He made.. if you wanna know islam.. indeed it is too wonderful to be mentioned... this is just a few words of how i want to describe about islam.

why i posted this? because i am so grateful to Allah for giving me the best reason to be raised as a muslim.. because mostly people without islam is looking for that reasons to live... i found it already....i know there is a purpose for me to live my life... 

but as the nature of human being we will always making mistakes... but Allah is always open His door of forgiveness.. 

bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. ya Allah open up every person who read this their heart to increase their iman.. ya Allah grant us paradise together with your most beloved person Muhammad s.a.w... ya Allah in all reality You are listening... ameen ya rabbalalamin.....

Thursday, January 30, 2014

you wanna know what is hope?

hope is when you read this while at the same time i don't expect to have one :)

toooooo many cool stuff i can't bare to see it


what human made

technology is conquering the world and we fall for it.. again -_____- what a great invention one could make!!! but wait..

the exact words for it is subhanallah! Allah is great to give someone that little idea to invent those superb things...

what He made

so to those who brag about having an iphone5, iphone5s, and so much moreee.. you kidding me? if you drop it, it's over hahahah

don't let those gadgets steal your time for Him..

and!! don't even think about asking your parents for one unless they want to give it to you.. as for me i think those things are expensive and yes your parents don't want to let you guys down so yeah they'll buy it for you. but in fact they're striving their sweat to get the money for it...

just be grateful for what you have now.. because there is someone out there who is grateful and living happily without those gadgets ;)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

so what?

remember it doesn't matter how old are you, your family, friends or whoever.. when talking to someone, mind you first word.. people won't say impolite words to you unless you're the one who poor oil to the fire first. 

just remember one thing, what goes around comes around.. 


since i made this blog, i'd have never expected to actually have a viewer but for those who's currently reading this,  your existence gives me hope :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

the most wonderful,beautiful man ever existed. Muhammad ya Rasulullah


He Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is an inspiration to hundreds of millions of people around the world.


Rasulullah once said:

“Say what is true, although it may be bitter and displeasing to people.” (Baihaqi)
but i failed you many times, 

“The best of you are those who are best to the women.” (Tirmidhi)
but mostly now days, women being treated with disrespect 

"Serve Allah, as you would if you could see Him; although you cannot see Him, He can see you.” (Umar: Muslim)
but sometimes, i forget about this. ya Allah..... 

“He, who wishes to enter paradise at the best gate, must please his father and mother.” (Bukhari & Muslim)
but recently, i hurted them so many times... oh what have i done..

“I am leaving two things among you, and if you cling to them firmly you will never go astray; one is the Book of Allah and the other is my way of life.” (Last Sermon on the Mount)
am i holding to Al-Quran and your sunnah?...

“The perfect Muslim is not a perfect Muslim, who eats till he is full and leaves his neighbors hungry.” (Ibn Abbas: Baihaqi)
ya Allah.....

i questioned and answered all of these by myself. ya Allah, ya Rasulullah... 
i am weak, sometimes i don't realize all the mistakes i've done.. 
every human make mistakes..

but remember Allah is also all forgiving.. :')

Sunday, January 12, 2014

hey romeo~

addicted~ hey juliet-lmnt 

Friday, January 10, 2014

ohh just to let you guys know :)

i rarely write something personal about my life, in this blog..
i just wrote about things happened in my life, the people i met, experiences i gained..

maybe basically it's boring..
but honestly, that was my intention for creating this blog. i mean no one even care about my life if i wrote about it cause i know everyone has their own amazing life out there.

hahaha and that's why i won't publish this little link in my fb or twitter or promoting this blog in any condition

so to anyone who suddenly open my blog! you guys are AMAZINGGGG hahah no seriously..

i believe this :)

just don't. seriously

assalamualaikum peeps,

i've been thinking lately why on earth when someone among your friends or whoever get blessings in their life, there're always this one people who will commenting on their twitter like "elehh@&^%*^" and so much more.. seriously to that people. what's your problem?

i mean seriously i felt like punching their face again and again.. you just have very bad attitude that makes people think negative things about you. why can't you just support your friends from the back?.. and this thing happened not once, but so many times in my life. i've observed this people and i just..... just sad with you guys..

please guys, don't let shaitan conquer the best side of you.saying "Alhamdulillah" for that person is the greatest give you could give to them. who knows Allah is preparing something even better for you?

thankyouthankyouthankyou for reading this, "Ya Allah, bless them ameen"

Monday, January 6, 2014

best gilaaaaa

everything is just soo cooooll hahaha