Sunday, September 21, 2014

i love it how..

       I love it how my whole life depends on You, 
I love it when im feeling down, i know i cant give up as You said so,
I love it when i cried for You, at night realizing my weakness and how i need Your attention so bad,
I love it when i perform tahajud thinking that You're there with me to hear my problems, while everyone else is sleeping
I love it how You said that You are near with me,
I love it when my surrounding reminds me of You ,
I love it when i couldn't say even a word but my tears start to shade and knowing that You already understand me,
I love it when i recite the Quran, i found the lines in it and i feel like You're talking to me,
I love it when im alone
, i know You are with me, just love this
I love it when i know You will never say no to my prayer
I love it when You're the the reason for me not to give up.

Everytime i feel despair i just feeling so down, the cause for this is sometimes i dont get what i want, things that i want, not achieved great results in examination , cant achieved my dreams. But i am wrong, i am completely wrong, i achieved those things, but it's either even better or in the future. And i hate myself for not tawakal to Allah. 

The power of tawakal is just amazing, when you rely all your fate to Allah, not on your own hardship its just great. 

Ya Allah........ i ❤ U
Thnx for reading this 😊

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