Tuesday, December 27, 2016


assalamualaikum guys!!! it's been a whileeeeeee i mean quite long time before i'd posted in here but hello!!

well if any of you guys happen to wonder what am i doing right now. hahah (peerasan jap) alhamdulillah right now i just finished my first semester of my BDS in india.. so far so good tho but yeah living in india is challenging... like seriously... the systems quite peculiar as I'm not familiar with it yet but it's okay will get used to it one day inshaAllah.. so currently i am in Malaysia right now for my semi break which is just for 2 weeks (dammit) :") but still having the chance to meet my family which took my exhausted days in india away tho...

with these i presented some of my pictures in India hahahahaha :')

assalamualaikum byeeeeeee thnx for reading this
this is OOTY been here for short vacation with my friends quite nice and chilly

 everyday uniform :")

yeah we met real cadaver every week hera :") you'll get used to it tho.. 
and of course the smell hahah 

this is some lake in mysore which i can't remember hahaha

yeah this is the lake too

till then that's it sorry right now I'm in hurry but the town there is really packed with people and of course 24/7 dgr bunny hon je :") 

thnx for reading thisss byes assalamualaikum !