Sunday, June 4, 2017

india oh india

Assalamualaikum smua yg baca.. so harini mcm tiba2 rajin plak nk tulis blog, so ni la aku nk cite skit ujian2 yg aku n batchmates aku hadapi di India ni...daripada start first year smpai la dah abes first year, kalau nk cite mmg tkleh nk diungkap kata2 la perasaan duduk sini (terkejut, sedih, stres, tension, marah, happy well happy tu sngtla minority) tp mmg perasaan die bercampur baur la dkt sini...

dulu sblom dtg sini pon dh baca dh blog2 senior psl btapa 'dasyatnya" life dkt sini, tp well rasenye mcm dh bsedia mentally (inshaAllah) and physically la nak hadapi hari2 harian di India ni, tapi once kteorg dh smpai sini.........

MashaAllah. ujian dia dtg satu-satu, dari mula smpai la kteorg dh habis kelas first year BDS.... nak dijadikan ceritanya inilah kronologi kisah2 yg terjadi di sini.

awal skali dtg sini, 
- kisah duit 500rp dan 1000rp yg dh tk diterima oleh bank di India so die mntk kiteorg tkr kpd duit baru diorg iaitu dlm 2000rp sekeping or 100rp, pendek katanya duit bnyk2 yg kiteorg bwk dri Malaysia (dlm bntuk 500rp and 1000rp sekeping2) tu tkleh dipakai la kt sini. kena la beratur dkt bank untuk tukar duit2 kiteorg tu.. subhanallah ini tkpala kene redha je la mungkin pegawai kewangan diorg ni tiba2 dpt ilham nk tkr duit plak kan. wallauhalam nk tkr duit tu tkpa tp....

setiap bank tu plak ade limit ptukaran tu, contoh bank A ni limit tkr 2000rp je, Bank B 4000rp... and lps dh tkr tu tkleh tkr dh duit smpai la tarikh sekian2, disebabkan kami ni time tu first time dtg India, duit bwk dlm cash tu agak bnyk la, nk setel duit rumah smua tu kn, sbb bank pon tk bkk lagi.. and stiap kali kiterg pgi bank tu bkn mcm dkt Malaysia, ade kerusi, pling lewt pon sejam la proses kerja2 dkt bank Malaysia.. dkt siniii haaaa pling awal kau bole dpt is sejam, haa beratur la berjam2 bediri dgn panasnya, and perangai citizen diorg yg mmg menguji kesabaran tu lg.. ya Allah, Allah mmg nk uji kesabaran aku la time tu..

haaa skrg ni dh malas plak nk smbg tulis mslh2 yg ade dkt india ni time kiteorg dtg sini, tp jgnla pndg India ni tmpt negatif sbb smua tu depends on mind set korg ltk India ni mcm mana. maybe Allah bwk aku dtg sini untk uji kesabaran aku yg mmg lemah ni, jadi ape pon jadi kt sini aku kena redha n kuat la en... sooo ujian kiteorg next nnti la aku smbg eh sbb aku tk larat nk tulis hahahha...

sekian terima kasih la yg sudi baca smpai habis hahahaha 

Sunday, January 15, 2017


assalamualaikum people! first of all i want to apologise for any grammar mistakes or spelling error, but i hope the purpose of this post reach every heart whose reading this..

firstly, well its cliche and of course every muslims know that one day we will be questioned about our  roll in islam,

are we done anything or making any contribution in it, despite i understand yeah most of us are busy with studies and works but let us just think about it, are we settle down today from the day we were born, just for that?? just for the sake of finishing studies, passing exams, get a good job, make a living and die?

of course, no.. as quran said.. Allah had created us to be a khalifah, to be a leader to guide people around us to His path.. and YES it is a burden that all of us must fulfil and that is the purpose of our lives here..

because at the end......
it's not the result that Allah will ask, its our effort

because at the end...
on the day of judgement, all of us will be very selfish, stingy, just trying to save ourselves, from hellfire, so don't be someone whom others can blame you on the day of judgement..

because we don't know when we will meet Him, we won't be carrying around our degree, our wealth, our family on the day of judgement, but we will be asked upon it, about it, what we did with it to help islam during our live times...

As a matter of fact, if we don't do anything, Islam will win one day for sure, Allah had said it in the Quran, but ask ourselves, are we will be the bricks to build up a castle or we just pass through them like wind.. nothing helps but you are there, purposeless...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


assalamualaikum guys!!! it's been a whileeeeeee i mean quite long time before i'd posted in here but hello!!

well if any of you guys happen to wonder what am i doing right now. hahah (peerasan jap) alhamdulillah right now i just finished my first semester of my BDS in india.. so far so good tho but yeah living in india is challenging... like seriously... the systems quite peculiar as I'm not familiar with it yet but it's okay will get used to it one day inshaAllah.. so currently i am in Malaysia right now for my semi break which is just for 2 weeks (dammit) :") but still having the chance to meet my family which took my exhausted days in india away tho...

with these i presented some of my pictures in India hahahahaha :')

assalamualaikum byeeeeeee thnx for reading this
this is OOTY been here for short vacation with my friends quite nice and chilly

 everyday uniform :")

yeah we met real cadaver every week hera :") you'll get used to it tho.. 
and of course the smell hahah 

this is some lake in mysore which i can't remember hahaha

yeah this is the lake too

till then that's it sorry right now I'm in hurry but the town there is really packed with people and of course 24/7 dgr bunny hon je :") 

thnx for reading thisss byes assalamualaikum ! 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ramadhan kareem

alhamdulillah for His blessing during this Ramadan. i have loads to thank for and recently every little things that happened around me just hit this one quote and it goes like this "Allah will put things at the right place, it just need a little patience and a lot of faith" 

sometimes what is happening at the present just don't make any sense for us because at that point we still don't see the reason behind it yet, but trusting in Him is the best thing one could do. subhanallah reflects your life, look how just amazing He had arranged it for you. different people will have different live but still it is because of His willingness for those things to happen! 

be grateful in every little thing because one day you will realise that those thing is actually the big thing :)

p/s: inshaAllah i will further my studies in bachelor of dental surgery in joss dental college mysore, India. will depart there by the end of July 2016. do pray for my safety and may Allah ease my journey there like He always did :)