Sunday, January 15, 2017


assalamualaikum people! first of all i want to apologise for any grammar mistakes or spelling error, but i hope the purpose of this post reach every heart whose reading this..

firstly, well its cliche and of course every muslims know that one day we will be questioned about our  roll in islam,

are we done anything or making any contribution in it, despite i understand yeah most of us are busy with studies and works but let us just think about it, are we settle down today from the day we were born, just for that?? just for the sake of finishing studies, passing exams, get a good job, make a living and die?

of course, no.. as quran said.. Allah had created us to be a khalifah, to be a leader to guide people around us to His path.. and YES it is a burden that all of us must fulfil and that is the purpose of our lives here..

because at the end......
it's not the result that Allah will ask, its our effort

because at the end...
on the day of judgement, all of us will be very selfish, stingy, just trying to save ourselves, from hellfire, so don't be someone whom others can blame you on the day of judgement..

because we don't know when we will meet Him, we won't be carrying around our degree, our wealth, our family on the day of judgement, but we will be asked upon it, about it, what we did with it to help islam during our live times...

As a matter of fact, if we don't do anything, Islam will win one day for sure, Allah had said it in the Quran, but ask ourselves, are we will be the bricks to build up a castle or we just pass through them like wind.. nothing helps but you are there, purposeless...

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