Friday, February 24, 2012

bye friends :')


to my friends which is adriana,aisyah,amalia,nadiah,farahin,iman,adiba,mariah....
thnx so much 4 being the best friend i've ever had... susah nk tingglkn korg smue kt sini... aku happy sbb aku dpt ape yg aku impikan.. tp.... aku tk tau knp.. aku sdeh....

korg jage diri elok2.. blaja btol2, kuatkan iman, doakan kjayaan aku kt sane.. aku sntiase doakan korg :) aku tkkn lupekan knangan manis,pahit kite same... kite smbut stiap birthday same2.. main tepung.. hahaha :') main hujan lari2.. makan kek same2.. amik gmbar same2, makan pizza same2.. makan cupcake aku yg sdap(hehe) same2... susah nk lupakan korg.. and aku tk trpikir pon nk lupekan org... thnx so much sbb bnyk tlong aku time aku susah... thnx bagi nasihat kt aku time aku down... thnx so much

time aku form 3.. aku pnah dpt math 60 lbeh.. then aku nangis.. lpastu korg la yg motivated aku ntuk jgn give up... hmmm...

this is not our goodbye but this is the start.. we will meet again my dearest friends.. aku tkkn lupekan korg sampai nafas aku yg terakhir... tanpa korg aku tk sampai ke sini.. and i don't try to hide my tears, my secrets and my deepest fears because there's nobody gets me like you guys do :')

insyaAllah kite akan jumpa lagi.. kite akan jumpe.. this is my last post for this blog at this time... it's about my friends... don't loose your friends.. hold them.. don't let them go...

i love u guys..
idzni 24/2/2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

love is amazing

love is something that can't be explained..but everyone can feel it.. and if you feel it, everything will change.. like ugly comes to beauty, sadness to happiness, giving up to never, neutral to smile, low to high, it is pure, expensive only the right one can buy it.. it is perfect to the imperfect... find it with the guide from Allah that will lead you to the right one and full of His mercy... even though it can't be seen, but it is the most beautiful thing one could have...

find your true love with Islam by your side and it will not destroy or damage the one you love and s/he will stay pure and save like how pure the love of Muhammad S.A.W to his ummat... may our love towards Allah, Muhammad S.A.W and our family till jannah will never end....

Allah had said many times in Al-Quran, He does not look at looks or appearance but look what is in your hearts.. so if you love Allah, Allah will protect your love, this is also refer to love between human being or mankind,

remember my dear readers, if you remember Allah, He will remember you :)

If u love someone for their looks, your love might wither as they get older.
If u love someone for their money, your love might fluctuate like currency.
If u love someone for their status, your love might not always be number one.
If u love someone for their heart, your love too might have a change of heart.
But if u love someone for Allah, your love will be protected till Jannah ♥

"Ya Allah lead me to find a person like this"

assalamualaikum :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


we never appreciate what we have until we loose the thing we used to have" and that time there is no use... just pray things will get better

hahah assalamualaikum :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


thnx for following my blog yo, i know there's nothing in my blog yo, but who cares... thnx again yo

okayyy hahah thnx untuk 52 org yg follow :) thnk youuuu i really really appreciate it

Friday, February 10, 2012

aww 2

Friday, February 3, 2012

they just mine :)

from left up: amalia,adiba,adnin,nadiah,adriana,aisyah,idzni
from left down: iman farahin sarah

fithriyaani and adriana :)

the best friends on earth that i could find

tkyah dok segan sngat laaa...

it's not hard at all

Thursday, February 2, 2012

goodbye my friend :')

assalamualaikum to those who wants to read this... literally this is about my friend who will be going to the residential school... she had left me earlier before i post this..... and she was :)

my dearest Nur Fithriyaani bt Mohd Noor: she was my tablemate since i was in form2 and form3.. she had been the best listener i've ever had.. she gave me spirits of something when i almost gave up on it.. we used to laugh at our jokes.. you're my light when i was barely able to see... if i could tell you how much i miss you....... :) you never broke my heart with every words you're saying... everything you do i always envy you... i'll always pray for you.. good luck in SMS Muar.. i know you'll be doing well... and i know you will not cry easily, cause you're a strong person... don't forget me fith, pray for my future and i hope we will meet again... thanks for everything.. thanks for showing me the right path when i was lost... thanks for teaching me with patient... thanks for not giving up on me... and thanks for being the coolest person i've ever known... during wednesday we're shaking hands... since that time i knew that this will be my last meeting with you...although i might look strong infront of you, but after you left me my friend... that was the weakest point of me... my eyes can't acted strong.... i know it was useless cause you will go...till we meet again.. if you read this, this is from the deepest part of my heart that i wanted to say to you for 2 years but never came out until this day.... goodluck fith.. you'll always in my mind :')


sincerely from my heart when my mouth can't say these things...