Saturday, February 18, 2012

love is amazing

love is something that can't be explained..but everyone can feel it.. and if you feel it, everything will change.. like ugly comes to beauty, sadness to happiness, giving up to never, neutral to smile, low to high, it is pure, expensive only the right one can buy it.. it is perfect to the imperfect... find it with the guide from Allah that will lead you to the right one and full of His mercy... even though it can't be seen, but it is the most beautiful thing one could have...

find your true love with Islam by your side and it will not destroy or damage the one you love and s/he will stay pure and save like how pure the love of Muhammad S.A.W to his ummat... may our love towards Allah, Muhammad S.A.W and our family till jannah will never end....

Allah had said many times in Al-Quran, He does not look at looks or appearance but look what is in your hearts.. so if you love Allah, Allah will protect your love, this is also refer to love between human being or mankind,

remember my dear readers, if you remember Allah, He will remember you :)

If u love someone for their looks, your love might wither as they get older.
If u love someone for their money, your love might fluctuate like currency.
If u love someone for their status, your love might not always be number one.
If u love someone for their heart, your love too might have a change of heart.
But if u love someone for Allah, your love will be protected till Jannah ♥

"Ya Allah lead me to find a person like this"

assalamualaikum :)