Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A-level done

bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Assalamualaikum readers.

clearly based on the title of this post i wanna share a little bit about A-level to anyone who is currently seeking any clues about this tertiary education.. firstly, i took 4 subs for my a level which is Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. i pursued my a level in KTT..

okay so straight to the point about A-levels, as for me, A-level is pretty tough tho, hahaha i did my A lvl for 1.5 years and that is totally not a long time and i am confidently saying that if you don't focus for ur A-level and keep on ur pace in studying like what you did for ur secondary ed lvl, well u need to speed up dear.. A-level is so much more than that, so many details and well basically many things to be understood and remembered.. as for me, i prefer to go through the chapters before i entered the class, a little knowledge about what i was going to learn is good enough rather than completely shocked by weird terms u need to use in the class. so firstly! read a little before u entered the class.. it's okay if you don't understand what you just have read, you'll get to it later tho,
then, secondly, i prefer to make my own notes, ya know, few keywords for urself won't hurt right? just make a plain view about the chapters, so that in ur future, you don't have to go through your thick textbook or course book all over again.. especially before the exam, like seriously you wanna read that thick book? at that time? well if you said yes, then go for it, probably every person has their own ways on studying..

before i continue you guys probably know how this a level thingy works right? if you don't, i give u a quick review about it.. within ur course period, you gonna have two important examination, firstly, AS then A2.. these two will give u ur A-level result. got it? ok good.. if you don't, just google it.

okayy i proceed, in a-level you cannot stress urself out, sometimes u will reach out to a moment when you feel like you're giving up, but trust me i'd been there before, but if you give up now! your future won't get even better.. sometimes you need to enjoy those little moments to reduce ur stress level.. seriously you'll get through this..

and finally, seriously, it doesn't matter how much effort you have given in this, it ends up to His Mercy to let you pass it or not, if you did pass it excellently, then Alhamdulillah, He knows what is the best for you, but if you don't its okay, your journey doesn't end up here, just put your faith in Him, spend your time for Him and don't focus on your studies fully and abandon your duty as His slave, pray when the time has come, trust Him every time :)
p/s i manage to achieve 15/15 in my A-level thanks to Him


Alhamdulillah for He covers up your bad sides and reveal your good one so people could see it inside of you, sometimes people don't know your true colours but you yourself do. in this world, there is nothing to be brag about, your wealth? health? status? everything is nothing in front of Allah.

because i am a weak human so i keep on tripping and falling. but i know each and every time i did, i need to stand back up. Allah opens His door of forgiveness widely so repent to Him before everything is too late, you wash your clothes overtime it gets dirty don't you? indeed He is the reason why you keep on going, keep on repenting to Him because He is the Most Merciful, trust Him, remember Him and He will remember you.. once again, i am weak and so do you, but find Him in your live and He will find your way out too :)