Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Alhamdulillah for He covers up your bad sides and reveal your good one so people could see it inside of you, sometimes people don't know your true colours but you yourself do. in this world, there is nothing to be brag about, your wealth? health? status? everything is nothing in front of Allah.

because i am a weak human so i keep on tripping and falling. but i know each and every time i did, i need to stand back up. Allah opens His door of forgiveness widely so repent to Him before everything is too late, you wash your clothes overtime it gets dirty don't you? indeed He is the reason why you keep on going, keep on repenting to Him because He is the Most Merciful, trust Him, remember Him and He will remember you.. once again, i am weak and so do you, but find Him in your live and He will find your way out too :)

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