Wednesday, November 18, 2015

if you want some then ask more

Assalamualaikum dear readers, 

Alhamdulillah i had finished my A-level 1.5 years programme few days ago, so the purpose for this post is to basically share my experience in a-level. honestly a level is  challenging for me and i can't count the days i cried to Him begging Him to ease me in my studies. sometimes i sit in front of my books and wondering "Ya Allah please make it worth" back then i look at my friends, i knew we were tired but eager to do our best in our a-level, 

i enjoyed all those little things my friends and i did in ktt, it cheers up at the most nonsense things ever but surprisingly they do release my stress a little, sometimes you just need to have lots of faith in Allah as i never knew that A-level helps me to meet awesome friends and lecturers. it taught me to never give up even if i were in my slightest confidence. i do trust in Him, He puts me in this epic battle,, i know He will end it well, to be confidence, you don't need black and white approval for that, you just need to read the stupendous words in Al-quran from your creator and believe :) 

Ask help from Allah, you know there is "no" for an answer 
 when the heart becomes heavy, relieve it by speaking to Allah, He will lighten the burden 
when Allah helps you, there is nothing can defeat you :)

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