Sunday, July 5, 2015

purpose for this blog

Lately, ive been asking myself on why i wrote so many sentences in this blog rather than doing something else, the answer is, so long as i live, i am deeply in love with islam, inshaAllah until my last breathe, sometimes, i'll tend to be so inspired with islam and my heart just flattered on how i could cry to my Allah, i wanna share with you guys on how i felt in love with Him, on how islam embrace me, and i am so thankful for everything that i have, people around me, i am not a famous person, but whoever reads this, Alhamdulillah, i am grateful for everything in my life, it's just stupendous feeling that i cant describe it rather than type it in this blog,

Allah is the greatest as He creates all of us, one day we will return back to Him, spend this little time in this world to worship Him, i wanna share with the whole world on how this girl is so proud of being a muslim. :)

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