Friday, February 24, 2012

bye friends :')


to my friends which is adriana,aisyah,amalia,nadiah,farahin,iman,adiba,mariah....
thnx so much 4 being the best friend i've ever had... susah nk tingglkn korg smue kt sini... aku happy sbb aku dpt ape yg aku impikan.. tp.... aku tk tau knp.. aku sdeh....

korg jage diri elok2.. blaja btol2, kuatkan iman, doakan kjayaan aku kt sane.. aku sntiase doakan korg :) aku tkkn lupekan knangan manis,pahit kite same... kite smbut stiap birthday same2.. main tepung.. hahaha :') main hujan lari2.. makan kek same2.. amik gmbar same2, makan pizza same2.. makan cupcake aku yg sdap(hehe) same2... susah nk lupakan korg.. and aku tk trpikir pon nk lupekan org... thnx so much sbb bnyk tlong aku time aku susah... thnx bagi nasihat kt aku time aku down... thnx so much

time aku form 3.. aku pnah dpt math 60 lbeh.. then aku nangis.. lpastu korg la yg motivated aku ntuk jgn give up... hmmm...

this is not our goodbye but this is the start.. we will meet again my dearest friends.. aku tkkn lupekan korg sampai nafas aku yg terakhir... tanpa korg aku tk sampai ke sini.. and i don't try to hide my tears, my secrets and my deepest fears because there's nobody gets me like you guys do :')

insyaAllah kite akan jumpa lagi.. kite akan jumpe.. this is my last post for this blog at this time... it's about my friends... don't loose your friends.. hold them.. don't let them go...

i love u guys..
idzni 24/2/2012


  1. at derma is the best moments in life,
    me too remember dat time when i feel like losing
    everything that i had, frens

    but taiping is another story,
    grab all the opportunity being there..
    good luck!

  2. yeappp it came once in a lifetime...
    there's a reason behind all these things :)
    thank you :)