Thursday, February 2, 2012

goodbye my friend :')

assalamualaikum to those who wants to read this... literally this is about my friend who will be going to the residential school... she had left me earlier before i post this..... and she was :)

my dearest Nur Fithriyaani bt Mohd Noor: she was my tablemate since i was in form2 and form3.. she had been the best listener i've ever had.. she gave me spirits of something when i almost gave up on it.. we used to laugh at our jokes.. you're my light when i was barely able to see... if i could tell you how much i miss you....... :) you never broke my heart with every words you're saying... everything you do i always envy you... i'll always pray for you.. good luck in SMS Muar.. i know you'll be doing well... and i know you will not cry easily, cause you're a strong person... don't forget me fith, pray for my future and i hope we will meet again... thanks for everything.. thanks for showing me the right path when i was lost... thanks for teaching me with patient... thanks for not giving up on me... and thanks for being the coolest person i've ever known... during wednesday we're shaking hands... since that time i knew that this will be my last meeting with you...although i might look strong infront of you, but after you left me my friend... that was the weakest point of me... my eyes can't acted strong.... i know it was useless cause you will go...till we meet again.. if you read this, this is from the deepest part of my heart that i wanted to say to you for 2 years but never came out until this day.... goodluck fith.. you'll always in my mind :')


sincerely from my heart when my mouth can't say these things...

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