Friday, October 10, 2014

love in wonder dream

Wondering till the day come, will i can handle it well? I dont know, well what i know is im afraid of that day. Im afraid that im not well prepared for that day. Laying on this couch, asking myself i know this pleasure will end sooner or later, it just will. Ya Allah, if my time to meet You is closer, make my last days in this temporary stop just for You, make my last daysto see you is the best day in my entire life. Indeed imma sinner, but thanks Allah for grant me with blessing and love. That's more than i could ever give to myself. Thanks ya Allah for standing closer to me than anyone else, thanks for the strength when i barely get one.

Ohhhh how i love You for everything happens in my life, every little things. I know You're watching me now Dear Love, Allahummasallialamuhammad.. peace be uponhim.

If i dont wake up for my tomorrow, please dont forget to pray for me dear readers. Ameen.

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