Friday, October 24, 2014

this feeling

Have you ever feel so dizzy that every work you're trying to focus on gets harder. U just feel the pain in your head. It strokes you like a very bright light passing through your eyes and the brightness is not as a light to guide you, but as a sense of pain that you wish to go away.

But through that pain you gain your strength, you know you cant stop but to keep your head in the game. Chilling out for a while and set the determination in you to continue the work later.. not procrastinating them, just give yourself time to relax and think about the world, your future, which you wont have any idea how its gonna be, but it's already written. Hoping for your end to be the best because that's what you've been struggling for ur whole life for........

Salam maal hijrah everyone, its a new year Alhamdulillah, may this year help us to gain our iman even more and get us even closer to our Love, Allah s.w.t and Muhammad s.a.w

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