Tuesday, December 16, 2014

my forever happiness

I make mistakes, in fact i do sins a lot, sometimes i realize them, while sometimes i dont.. MashaAllah, but then i also knew that i must repent to Him. But then it keeps on repeating the same cycle again and again. Ya Allah, what will happen to me without His endless blessing and His wide open door of forgiveness.
 There's time when i want something soo bad like good grades. Then i start to pray hard, when i did achieve my targets, i forgot that it was His blessing to me
Ya Allah, straighten my iman to you Allah, i love You and Your words for me through the Quran
I just miss how i could cry like crazy to You and knowing that You're listening to my du as. Ya Allah i want my Quran to be my knight and armor when i  enter my grave one day... Ya Allah, i know you heard every 'Ya Allah' murmured from my mouth, i know You see my tears shed for You and Ya Allah...... forgive me.

For You can turn my tears and doubts into internal bliss


  1. I cried reading this
    Subhanallah it is beautiful. So beautiful.
    Thank you my love for writing this. Boost me up -dayahnasa

  2. Alhamdulillh jazakallah
    Thnx dayah
    May Allah keep u safe