Saturday, December 27, 2014

with every broken bones, i swear i lived.. inshaAllah

Have you ever wonder around yourself things that you want to do something in your life but you start to doubt yourself  that you cant do those things, it starts to feel impossible for you... have you?

You ever heard about yolo? It means you only live once, yeah it's true. But my point here is not this. When you start to jinx everything than you will encourage yourself to not fully depend your whole life to Allah. It is clearly being stated that "if Allah wills it than it will happen tho" so by having a strong faith in Him you need to believe in yourself,

In every pain that you will go trough all these it's because of His own willingness to let it happens. And if it happens He had arranged thousands of reasons for you to smile later, and you will feel relieve about it... firm your faith in Him. Start to think that you can do this even at your lowest confidence..

As He is your protector so be confidence in Him.

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