Tuesday, December 30, 2014

be my witnesses

Bismillahirahmanirahim, hereby i declare that Allah is one and Rasulullah s.a.w is His messenger .

Dear sisters and brothers to whoever read this, please be my witnesses in the day of judgement later on, i want to make a confession to my dear beloved Muslim relatives out there

Subhanallah my gorgeous sisters, you have such a beauty that Allah had given to you as a blessing and internal confidence in you so that you can live your life happily, mashaAllah sisters, cover up what needs to be covered. Lower down ur hijab..
 Loosen up your clothes, no more skinny jeans, dont show the shape of ur legs to those who r not your mahram. Control your conversation with guys, dont raise your voice in melodies in front of guys, recite al-Quran at least a sentence each days.. respect your parents and love them more than anyone else until you have been married.

Dear brothers, cover up your aurat too. MashaAllah your aurat is much easier to handle compare to the women's. There must be a reason for that as Allah knows everything. Take care of your parents. Get yourself closer to Allah in your live.. take care of your sight. Take care of your words. Stop cursing people but instead say good things to others as you might get them back in return. Be nice to women, dont treat them as slaves.

Ya Allah. I have done my parts, forgive me ya Allah if there's less in these. Ya Allah strengthen our iman infinitely. Ya Allah i know as i've been counting each days for me to grown up and achieving my dreams, i realize something even more precious which is the day for me to return back to You. Ya Allah i know for sure this day will come.
  Im not good in words but this is the least i could do.

Wamahyaya wamamati lillahirabbilalamin
And from the day i lived until the day i die, all because of Allah s.w.t


  1. Subhanallah this is so beautiful my dear. Keep on inspiring people. Dayah always pray for you idzni :))

  2. Subhanalah idzni. I am so touched by this. Thank you for such a great reminder :)

  3. alhamdulillah thanx dearies <3 may Allah blesses u guys always. never give up on Him :)