Monday, March 10, 2014

oh Allah, let us stay together here and after. ameen

once, you guys told me to look for those white hair and cut them off from your heads.. and that time i thought that money was everything, so you guys paid me for each white hair i managed to cut off from your heads to appreciate my hardwork on finding those hair... that was me,12 or maybe 11 years old , your little daughter.. but now, i'm almost 18. and you guys never told me to do that again...... sometimes i looked at your heads, i could see the white hair clearly.... by that time, i realized that you guys were getting much older than before...

and until now i questioned myself whether i have done something for you guys, am i a good daughter? sometimes i always seek for you guys permission so that i could hangout with my friends... but you guys always said 'no'.. sometimes i quite angry with you guys, but then i think again.. why i should be angry for the people who had put on so much effort to protect me? how stupid am i...... i know that you guys are tired with your works in the offices and even at home.. but i heard nothing from you guys.....while i always keep on complaining about my life at the college and keep on asking things that make you guys feeling not at ease...i am sorry 

when there are secrets between your daughters, you guys always asked what is it about? but sometimes we just said 'nothing' i guest you guys must feeling concern about us, and want us to share our problems with you guys.. but we just thought that you guys might won't understand...but we were wrong....

currently, i am staying in the university, i just noticed that everyday in my life, every single time i just want to see you guys..because i know that one day that time will come.. that particular time when you guys won't be here with me..but i know that in the world after, i will always keep on praying to God that abah,mama,along  angah and adik will be united in the world after where happiness is forever...i'm sorry that i couldn't make you guys hear this "adik syg abah,mama" i'm sorry...

tgk abah msak kt kami, abah btolkn alatn, abh n mama psg aircond kt blik kami, abah pgi keja mlm2 adik rekod abah baca Al-Quran, everyday i will listen to them, i don't want any other person to recite the Al-Quran for me rather than you...thnk you so much abah :')
tgk mama kemas smue bnde kt rumah. blek kerja bsoh bju, all the chores,  mama blek keja time maghrib, still you can put a smile on your beautiful face, thnk you so much mama :')
sincerely, from the very bottom of my heart, when mouth can't speak this, hand will type this 10/3 9:35pm

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