Thursday, January 30, 2014

toooooo many cool stuff i can't bare to see it


what human made

technology is conquering the world and we fall for it.. again -_____- what a great invention one could make!!! but wait..

the exact words for it is subhanallah! Allah is great to give someone that little idea to invent those superb things...

what He made

so to those who brag about having an iphone5, iphone5s, and so much moreee.. you kidding me? if you drop it, it's over hahahah

don't let those gadgets steal your time for Him..

and!! don't even think about asking your parents for one unless they want to give it to you.. as for me i think those things are expensive and yes your parents don't want to let you guys down so yeah they'll buy it for you. but in fact they're striving their sweat to get the money for it...

just be grateful for what you have now.. because there is someone out there who is grateful and living happily without those gadgets ;)

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