Tuesday, December 20, 2011

kurang ajar ye bahase kau

salam, as for today, there was a few persons which i don't really know who just called my sister "bitch".. well do you guys really need to say this? by saying bad words will make you look good? more mature?... as for me i think you look ridiculous, stupid and impolite to that person.. as for my older posts, there is one post when i mentioned about "what goes around comes around".. and that day, people will call you back with those words, you'll be sorry for what you had said in your past..... please guys/girls... i mean seriously those words are so rude... and btw i love my family and friends and whenever i heard those words for them.......

in my mind literally... and it is not just me..i'm with them

so don't even think about it, peace :)

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