Friday, August 24, 2012

grown up :)

assalamualaikum, kali ni post nk ckp psal shbat2 saya yg dulu ex JESS dah follow their own way :) firstly, saya sndiri pon ade jalan sndiri.... so do my friends :')

adriana: currently, she's now studying at mrsm Johor Bharu, saya tau dia akan happy kt sane, she's friendly person.. like to laugh.. making jokes.. this is her in that place

fith: ahaha dia skrng dkt sms muar :) and this is her

sarah: kawan saya pertame time dkt jess :) now she's at mrsm Pengkalan Chepa (spelling?)

no matter how closed our friendship, sometimes we need to follow our own way, the friendship will remain although thousand miles separated us.. we still contact each other and this time, we will have our own path.. our own journey... and at the end, the journey will lead us back together.. insyaAllah..

friends, they're priceless... :')

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