Tuesday, March 8, 2016

shawl chiffon bubble crepe

assalamualaikum, for those who is looking for instant shawl which is incredibly easy to wear, less ironing needed, comfortable to wear in any occasion, doesn't slide down when you wanna eat, this material doesn't trap heat, easy to be shaped at your face :) do view FADZNISHAWL through instagram or Facebook..
price is affordable for the best material you could ever have

bagi yang mencari instant shawl dua muka kain CHIFFON BUBBLE CREPE, Fadznishawl ada menyediakan instant shawl tersebut.

1- tidak jarang dan tak perlu memakai inner
2- tidak mudah kedut dan less ironing needed
3- selesa dan flowy ketika dipakai
4- shawl tak mudah jatuh kedepan ketika makan ;)
5- tidak kembang
6- design menarik
7- color yg menarik
8- labuh menutupi bahagian dada dan belakang
9- mampu milik :)

sesiapa yg berminat bleh view page Fadznishawl di instagram dan facebook :) thnx for ur support and thnx for anyone who read this

this is our tag :)

review for front and the back

colors to be chosen!!

further inquiries pls wasp 017-6967640 or 013-4508910
may Allah ease everything :)

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