Friday, December 6, 2013


i just miss old times when i put on so much effort in every post in my blog. but now...

i'm just too lazyyyyy.....


  1. Hi hello there Kak Idzni =)

    You may not know me, but I obviously know you! Okay ceh pls don't get scared, i come in peace hahaha. I know you through one of my mutuals, and I can say I'm glad I "met" you. :)

    Based on my observation from a couple of times stalking your blog, I find you really tactful, obedient to your parents' and Allah's orders, smarty pants (I mean who am I kidding-- mrsm pkp taiping kan? haha) and not to mention you are mashaaAllah, beautiful gee there are no words that can describe how lovely you are, inside and out.

    So on this point of my life I should really admit that I am indeed, envious of you. Yes, you. You're very talented, cantik gila gila gila gila, cun, comel, pandai haih mana kurang? :( If one day you feel insecure, just remember there's a person out there who's dying to be you. You're just magnifique sigh when I look at your pictures and posts I question my own existence ;-;

    Stay bold, don't let life bring you down. May Allah ease your problems, bestow upon you good health, a charming husband, beautiful kids okay zzzzzzz baru habis spm haha. The best of luck for your upcoming spm result, I'm sure you did your best and that you would excel it with flying colours :)

    I'm a blogger too, tapi tak boleh reveal siapalah kan nanti kantoi pulak wahahaha. Think of me as a good friend of yours, that would do it. I live in selangor and mana tahu twisted faith one day kita tetibe jumpa kan? ya Allah I'm really beginning to sound like a psycho, I should stop. T-T

    Just thank you for your existence has made me realized something essential, and I can't believe just by knowing someone from blog or even facebook can make you view life from a different perspective. Since I'm younger than you and I have a lot of examination spate I have to go through, please very please pray for me. Your du'as are really appreciated, much so. :)

    Kak Nurul Idzni binti iskandarshah, nice meeting you. Stay wonderful and superb and everything nice, au revoir, assalamualaikum fi amanillah.

    Lots of love,
    a girl who's not as awesome as you =p

  2. hye there! haha that's a lot of compliment. alhamdulillah n thanks!.. seriously no one ever say this to me T^T hahah.. undeniable i was shocked to see a comment, because i rarely get one. haha.. your very long comment, i am touched.. and the way you expressed it, kinda of really like my friends, so i think you are one, i'm sure too that you're even prettier than me ;)

    you're younger than me right? so you gotta go to school, haha just never ever give up in your life, live once is enough if you do it great.. :) good luck in everything that you do!

    yeap whoever you are, my prayer always with you :)
    lots of love too!